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MBR City

The Mohammed Bin Rashid City a mega-development, will consist of a series of state-of-the-art business parks, residential villa communities, schools, hospitals and business towers, which will intermingle with luxury waterfront developments and shopping destinations, including a Signature Mall.

More than 45 million square feet of freehold land is underdevelopment to create an exclusive destination of luxury Dubai residential property surrounded by expansive green parks and inland lagoons. The first development within the new City is District One, a landmark that will built on one of the most prime of locations in Dubai. Situated near to Al Khalil Road, less than 3km (10 minutes driving distance) from the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall, it will be the closest freehold villa property development to Downtown Dubai and possibly the only villa development of such low density, this close to the heart of any metropolis, globally.

District One will be a community of exclusive architecturally-designed Dubai homes, delivered in four phases, each covering one million square meters (65% of which will be open space), creating 1030 acres of the lowest-density, luxury residential environment possible, including arboreal parks, 7kms of freshwater lagoons and beaches, woodlands, a retail zone and a water park.

Designed as an enclosed, exclusive mini-city of unrivalled affluence, District One will offer residents a unique combination of open spaces, beaches, boardwalks, comprehensive sports facilities, expansive cycling and equestrian trails and multiple essential amenities such as shopping areas, mosques, schools etc. The wide array of entertainment options including waterfront cafes, bistros, theatres and lifestyle retail options will create a residential environment that will make the District One as engaging to the senses as the best of resort destinations around the world.

The theme of open spaces and exclusivity also carry over to the individual villas. Built in-situ or on-site, the villas will combine exclusivity and practicality, with clean styles and exceptional finish. All District One Villas will offer a series of well-conceived features and amenities in a spacious interior and will be available in 18 possible configurations and styles, giving the potential homeowner a wide-ranging variety of options.

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