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Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is set on an artificial canal carved along a 3 km stretch of the Arabian Gulf. Dubai Marina plays host to some of the most magnificent architecture in Dubai and a variety of Dubai Luxury Homes, it is made up of over 40 residential towers with luxury apartments as well as villas set against the backdrop of the Marina. The Marina is surrounded by a public walkway ideal for exercise fanatics or just those that enjoy close proximity to the water, also hosting a wide range of cafes, restaurants, the Marina Mall and several five star luxury hotels.

Dubai Marina is ideal for families due to the close proximity of supermarkets and the beach, residents of the surrounding high rise building will benefit from a range of facilities, including but not limited to, indoor and outdoor pools, Jacuzzi's, tennis courts and cinema rooms. The Marina area is easily accessible from several main roads in Dubai and the district is well connected via Dubai's Metro to other parts of the city. The marina is a 40 minute drive to Dubai international Airport and represents the best in class of residential property in Dubai.

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