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Dubai Investment Park (DIP)

DIP is a mixed-use development ideally located near Jebel Ali Industrial Area at the intersection of Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed highway (E33) and the Jebel Ali Al Habab Road (D57). DIP is made up of three major zones: an industrial complex for light and medium industries and hi-tech companies, a commercial complex for offices, showrooms and retail, and a residential community.

Commercial companies in DIP can design and construct their own facilities tailor-made to their requirements. DIP has a wide range of offices, showrooms and retail spaces. With more than 8 million sqft of office space, modern contemporary offices are positioned in low rise buildings with incredible views of Green Community.

The industrial complex is made up of light industrial units 500sqm to 1000sqm in size. While  the high tech industrial zone provides adequate space dor the development of high grade manufacturing activities and warehousing.

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